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Introducing BioDunicel® & BioDunisoft®

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Introducing BioDunicel® & BioDunisoft®

We’re pleased to introduce the next generation of sustainability for the hospitality industry with the launch of our new fossil-free BioDunicel® placemats and BioDunisoft® napkins.

We’ve switched the binder, which is used in our original Dunicel® and Dunisoft® materials to renewable bio-based resources, whilst maintaining their premium feel on par with traditional linen alternatives. BioDunisoft® now uses excess food waste from the food industry such as lemon peels and corn whilst BioDunicel® uses starch from potatoes.

Our new range has been developed with sustainability at the forefront and at a time when it is growing in importance for customers. Studies show that in 2021, 32% of consumers were highly engaged with adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, and this trend looks only likely to continue. As wealth transfers to younger generations, sustainability and ethical considerations will need to become the default. Duni is making a stand against waste, working to become a fully circular-at-scale business by 2030, our new BioDunicel® and BioDunisoft® range is the first step in that direction.

The key benefits:

  • FSC® certification
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Climate-neutral by compensation
  • Made from fossil-free and fully-renewable materials
  • Napkin packaging recyclable as plastic
  • Duniletto® packaging recyclable as paper
  • Available in 20 plain colours
  • Delightfully soft!

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